2015 Season Is Here

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With the NFL Superbowl right around the corner, chances are that you fall into one of three camps – either you are ready for a break from the greatest of all games, football, or you are dreading the next few months until spring games start, or you have already decided that you have the heart of a champion and you are SERIOUSLY working out to prepare for next season already!

January is the perfect time to turn the holiday bulk into muscle, work on your vertical leap and speed, and get your cardiovascular system ready for four quarters of grueling work. Whether you realize it or not, your competition is already getting after their football goals, preparing to meet you this coming season. You want them to KNOW what it is they have been preparing for when August rolls around. 2015 has the potential to be a championship year for both the JV and the Varsity. You want to be a part of that!

Your leadership team is already hard at work making sure you have everything you need to succeed this coming season. Invite your friends to play this season, because this year is going to be bigger and better – because you are going to be bigger and better. See you in the gym and on the court!