Class Act All the Way

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If you were wondering whether the Stallions organization is something you should be involved in, check out their stats. No, I’m not talking about their rushing yards, sacks, and carries. I’m talking about the character these young men and women show on and off the field. Are they passionate? You bet! Are they willing to be corrected and learn from their mistakes? Absolutely!

When they win, they praise the Lord. When they lose, they praise the Lord. It’s a true blessing that they are sharing with each other. The respect that is earned on the field and in the gym as these guys and girls practice together, emulate each other, and learn to emulate Christ holds them together.

Stallions parents and families also are held together by the respect that is earned by working together toward a common goal. The saying goes that imitation is the greatest flattery. The respect that Stallions parents have for each other is evident, not only in their willingness to work together, but also in their adoption of each others’ mannerisms, word phrases, and even attitudes. Cabarrus fans all wear red and black on game days, but they also all yell, “Go Stallions”, “Move those chains!”, and even move as a group up and down the sidelines or hang out together in bunches watching the games. Even though some Stallion families live more than an hour away from each other, they somehow find time to work together to give local students ages 12 to 18 the opportunity to play competitive high school football.

Stallions Football is a class act all the way. Here’ s to a winning season no matter what the scoreboards may ever say. If they win, they praise Him. If they  lose, they praise Him. Go Stallions!